Neuw presents a collaboration with internationally acclaimed, Woolmark prize winning design duo Strateas Carlucci.

A modern wardrobe consists of a few cornerstone staples. Jeans is one of those, a sharp tailored jacket is another.

However, tailored jackets don’t get better with wear in the way that a pair of jeans does. So we started talking to our friends Mario-Luca and Peter, the duo behind Melbourne brand Strateas Carlucci about producing a collection of tailored styles that get better with time.

The two tailored jackets within the collection are made from sturdy, organic cotton canvas fabric that can be thrown in the washing machine whenever needed. Thanks to their exquisite pattern-making, quality fabrics and exceptional tailoring - these jackets will shape to your body and develop character with every wear.

Its luxury tailoring meets hardwearing modern workwear. High end refinement meets rough and gritty character. Produced by two local Melbourne brands and made from sustainably sourced materials. 

Meet Strateas

A Q&A Behind the seams

Why did you decide to collaborate with Neuw Denim?

Strateas Carlucci and Neuw Denim have some history, and we’ve worked together in some capacity over the last couple of years, so this collaboration felt like an organic progression.

The brands have a great synergy, where we both value craftsmanship and quality, and share similar aesthetics and overall creative vision.

What was the inspiration behind the jackets?

We wanted to create everyday tailoring; garments that could be worn and lived in, like you would your favourite pair of denim. For our brand, it’s all about the construction and fit, and that coupled with Neuw’s organic-cotton fabric development was a perfect match. The concept was to bridge luxury tailoring into the every-day, where you could seamlessly go from day to night or work to play.

Where do you find inspiration?

The inspiration for this capsule was centred around a modern day ‘uniform’. We were drawn to the idea of taking a simple look like denim and a tailored jacket, however the ability to make it your own. Like denim the tailoring is designed to age and mould to the wearer's body, making it uniquely your own. The way the fabric creases around the elbow, or the way the collar sits or folds along the break line of the garment differs from one person to the next, which is what makes this jacket special.

Would you like to elaborate on the tailoring details of the jackets? What makes them special?

It was important to us to create a jacket for the everyday. A jacket that could be worn in, lived in and care for in the same way you would your favourite pair of denim. The jacket is completely tailored, however is unlined and has beautifully bound seam without comprising structure or shape, and the best part is, the jacket can be washed in the comfort of your own home – no dry-cleaning necessary.

What is the importance of the jackets being made in Melbourne and collaborating with another Melbourne brand?

We design and make our collections entirely in Melbourne, working with the best local artisans and manufactures, to produce local, yet world-class products. It has always been part of our vision to continue to produce our collections in Melbourne and to collaborate with another Melbourne based brand is super special for us. There is a symbiotic energy, which is unrivalled, as we both live and breathe everything local. From the creative culture, to the local cafes and bars – there is a deep connection to this city that we both share. 

What do you think makes Melbourne special?

Melbourne undoubtedly has a deep history in creative culture. From music to art and fashion, Melbourne has always been a city which is synonymous with creativity. We are very proud to call Melbourne our home, and are proud to see and experience the many amazing things other Melbournians are creating.

How would you style the jackets?

The idea of the jacket is to be able to inject your own style and personality. Be it a clean minimal look, with a basic t-shirt and smart boots, or a multi-layered hoodie, jacket, denim and sneaker look – make it your own, but more importantly, be comfortable and confident.